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Information and details about the competition for innovative urban projects

1 – Is it imperative for each team to include an architect, a landscape designer and a design office?
Each project team must include an architect. The name of the architect must even be declared in the expression of interest phase. In addition, the architect or architects in each project must be partnered with the competencies of a sustainable development structures and fluids design office. Whether or not a landscaper is included will naturally depend on the characteristics of the site.
It is however expected that the designers (architects and landscapers if included) and design offices will be the full project managers, covering every stage from design to the final acceptance of the site.

2 – Is it imperative for each team to include a property developer, an investor or any other company capable of making a financial commitment?
The financial feasibility of the innovative project, along with the legal and financial solidity of the group will naturally be decisive criteria in choosing the winning project. At each stage in the Call for Projects, teams must be able to explain the economic model of the project and to provide proof that their financial backing is sufficient.

3 – Is there a maximum number of companies or legal persons per team? 
No, there is no limit. However, each team must be able to demonstrate the role and commitments of each of its members. The suitability of the team make-up and the quality of its coordination will naturally be appreciated.


4 – Is the programme defined per site?
On principle the programme is undefined. However, certain programme elements are imposed for certain sites. These are explained in the sheets drawn up for each site, which are downloadable from the Internet site.

5 – Can the proposed project be exempted from the local urban development plan and/or special regulations?
The projects must obviously comply with the applicable town planning documents (Local Urban Development Plan and Conservation and Development Plan). It is worth bearing in mind that the Local Urban Development Plan for Paris is currently being modified. New regulatory provisions should come into force at the end of 2015.

6 – Will the City of Paris indicate a reserve price per site?
This call for Innovative Urban Projects forms part of a legally defined land and real estate enhancement procedure. The proposed price will therefore be one of the selection criteria for projects. In particular, the appropriateness of the price will be evaluated with regard to market prices and references provided by France Domaine. On this basis, a reserve price will be communicated to the candidates preselected by the first panel in the summer of 2015.

7 – Can projects be proposed for sites other than the 23 sites on offer?
No, at this stage it has been decided to direct the creativity and inventiveness of project managers to sites identified by the City of Paris and its partners as presenting opportunities for innovation and likely to trigger or support momentum at the level of the block, the district or, more broadly, the city.


8 – What are the stages in the Call for Projects?
The call for projects breaks down into three main stages:
1 –  the "expression of interest" phase, during which candidates apply for one or more sites;
2 – the elaboration of the initial offer and the first panel's pre-selection of projects for each site;
3 – the elaboration of the final offer by the preselected candidates and ranking by the international panel.

Expression of interest

9 – How should teams apply and express their interest?
The first stage consists in expressing interest in one or more sites using the form available on the website. The required information serves to demonstrate the good faith of the project managers and their determination to develop an innovative project.

10 – Can candidates apply by post?
No, the "expression of interest" procedure is 100% online. An "application form" can be accessed on the web pages presenting each site.

11 – Can the same team apply for several sites?
A single candidate can make proposals for several sites, provided the proposals are totally independent of each other. Project teams must adapt to the characteristics and potential of each site and the varied innovation challenges they present.

12 – Can a company or a legal person be part of several teams applying for different sites?

13 - Can a company or a legal person be part of several teams applying for the same site?
This is conceivable for design offices, users or operators (e.g. logisticians, energy specialists, associations, etc.), provided they undertake to respect strict confidentiality.

14 – What language must the expression of interest documents be written in?
The expression of interest can be written in French or in English. However, initial and final offers must be drafted exclusively in French.

15 – What is the deadline for submitting expressions of interest?
Candidates have until 31 January 2015 to express their interest.

16 – Can teams be modified after the expression of interest phase?
Only the architect has to be identified in the expression of interest. For the other team members, a presentation of the expected project team is required. The make-up of the project team will be defined during the elaboration of the initial offer.

However, the project team is advised to remain unchanged throughout the process. Because its make-up is an element in assessing the capacity of the project manager, any modifications after submitting the initial offer must be justified.

If a modification is made during the expression of interest phase i.e. before 31 January 2015, the initial application must be explicitly cancelled by email and a new application submitted using the dedicated form on this site.

17 – Can a team withdraw its application?
Candidates can withdraw their applications at any time. However, submitting an application is a strong commitment that must be accompanied by guarantees of good faith, feasibility and viability.

 The initial offer

18 – What happens after the expression of interest?
Following the expression of interest phase, which ends on 31 January 2015, the City of Paris and its partners will inform each candidate of whether they can continue or not, and will send them an access code for the information folder (or Data Room) via this Internet site.
The teams will then draft an initial offer. A first panel will preselect a limited number of projects per site.

19 – Will the teams be able to visit the sites?
Visits to each site will be organized during the initial offer drafting phase. The relevant candidates will be informed personally.

20 – Will each team be able to ask questions to the city departments in order to prepare their project?

Naturally, a project manager for each site will be appointed by the City Paris or one of the partners. Moreover, after the first panel's selection and during the final offer phase, negotiations will be engaged between the project leaders, the City of Paris and its partners concerning the clauses and conditions for transferring the rights attached to the property.

Following the deliberations of the first panel, the information folders will be completed whenever necessary.

21 – Must the initial offer include a price offer?
Yes, candidates must submit a price offer with the initial offer. The initial offer will consist of: a presentation of the project team, a presentation of the innovative project, the financial offer and an evaluation protocol.

The final offer

22 – What is the difference between the initial offer and the final offer?
The initial offer and the final offer are very similar in form. The final offer will be a completed and improved version of the initial offer, in accordance with the demands of the first panel. The price offer will be fixed and binding. Moreover, financial and payment guarantees will be demanded in the final offer stage.

The selections

23 – How and when will the preselected teams be announced?
An initial pre-selection will be made by the first panel based on the initial offers. Candidates will be informed of the decision of the first panel by post.

24 – Who will the members of the selection panel be?
Both panels, the first one and the international one, will have their own members.
The first panel will consist essentially of elected representatives, representatives of the City of Paris departments and external experts.

The international panel, chaired by an international personality, will consist of two colleges of elected representatives and experts. The international panel will give a ranking of projects that will enable the Mayor to decide on the winning project.

25Will a technical committee examine the applications before the panel deliberates?
 Yes, at each stage in the selection i.e. before the first panel and the international panel, a technical committee consisting of representatives from the City of Paris departments and its partners, along with external experts, will conduct a technical analysis of all offers in order to facilitate the panels' decisions. In addition, the technical committee may wish to interview the candidates.

26 – Will the proposals of all teams be made public?
Publications are envisaged in order to highlight the creativity, innovations and solutions proposed in the course of this Call for Projects. Projects will be published with the approval of the project leaders and with due respect for any desired confidentiality. An exhibition of preselected projects is planned in the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.
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