Participate in a Parisculteurs public tender

How to submit a project proposal in a Parisculteurs public tender
Below you'll find high-level information in a Q&A format explaining how to participate in a Parisculteurs public tender. Specific information with regards to project proposal requirements is specific to each Parisculteurs season, and posted in each season's site selection under "Public tenders".

1.  Public tender launch: How can I be informed of the launch of a new public tender?

Visit the Parisculteurs website, request to join the Parisculteurs LinkedIn group, or consult local media (e.g., official newsletters by the City of Paris, Le Parisien magazine).

2.  Documentation: Where can I find information about the public tender and available sites?

On the Parisculteurs website, navigate to the Public tenders thumbnail, where you’ll find all past and ongoing Parisculteurs seasons. Every season’s page presents a list of available sites, each with a dedicated site sheet, as well as the Parisculteurs rulebook on submitting a project proposal (specific to that season).

The site sheets provide information about the available sites including address, type of space (rooftop, open lot, etc.), size of the space, technical aspects of the site, features of the neighborhood, etc.

You can also download more detailed sheets for each site including a map, additional data, etc. from the same page.

3. Site visits and inquiries: Is it possible to visit available sites? Where can I submit an inquiry?

Site visits are planned for each site, accompanied by the site manager and the Parisculteurs team (visits are optional but strongly recommended). You can sign up on the site’s info sheet by clicking on the button “S’inscrire à la visite.”

You can submit inquiries and ask questions during the site visit or on the site’s sheet. Answers to questions are published on the site sheet’s Q&A section for the benefit of candidates that couldn’t attend the site visit.

4.  How can I submit my project proposal(s)?

Make sure your project proposal checks all the Parisculteurs requirements to be considered complete.

Submit your project proposal by clicking on the button “Déposer un dossier” on the individual site sheets. You can submit a proposal for multiple sites.