Additional resources

Below is a non-exhaustive list of resources to delve deeper into Paris urban agriculture, taken from the Parisculteurs toolbox, and categorized by theme. Note that links will redirect you to sites in French.
These resources can further support the development of your urban farm project, provide information on local urban agriculture action and research, or advance your reflection on the topic.

Regulatory resources
· Urban agriculture and new forms of agriculture (DRIAAF)
· Rural land use law
· Paris urban planning law

Professional and technical resources
· Green roof guide (City of Paris, July 2019)
· French Association for Professional Urban Agriculture (AFAUP) (contacts, guides, polls)
· Best practices for urban farming on rooftops
· Ile de France young farmers network

Action and research
·  Greenhouse on roofs : GROOF European initiative
·  Ecosystem services provided by urban agriculture: SEMOIRS Initiative (2018-20) led by l'AgroParisTech and INRAE, financed by l'ADEME
· Urban agriculture partnership and chair
· Urban Agricultures team: UMR SADAPT from INRAE and AgroParisTech
· Interface for research, expertise, and knowledge transfers on urban agriculture: CRETAU (Montreal)