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Project name : La Ferme Voisine
Project owner : Action Transition association
The project proposes to set up a participatory urban farm of products with high nutritional value, with a view to improving food practices and reintegrating vegetables from the Ile-de-France.
The farm consists of a space for intensive organic market gardening cultivated by employees and members, a neighbourhood nursery, a mushroom/ash crop in the basement, a shared garden, an edible forest and a participatory farm on the roof of the Bertelotte residence.
The products will be marketed to residents, restaurant owners and local distributors. Regular visits and workshops will take place in the different spaces.

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32 - 36 Rue du Colonel Avia ; 8 - 36 Boulevard des Frères Voisin ; 8 - 30 Allée des Frères Voisin ; 28 Rue du Colonel Avia

75015 Paris

Zip Code

  • 75015


  • Parisculteurs S.4


  • Private


  • > 2000 m2