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4,200 m² of open ground on the banks of the Seine!

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Project name : Boutures en Seine
Project owner : Boutures en Seine
Site under Installation..

Boutures en Seine wants to create a productive and educational agroforestry project along the Seine River. The association will plant willows, ashes, maples, and locust trees to produce wicker for basketry and wood for sale. Some areas will be reserved for growing flowers to make bouquets, in connection with the beekeeper already on site.There will also be a welcoming area for residents, cyclists, and walkers with educational planters, greenhouses, a refreshment stand, and picnic tables. This place will also allow the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants for producing plants, bouquets, and beverages. Educational workshops on wicker and other topics related to the project will be organized throughout the year for residents, schoolchildren, and businesses.

Presentation of the site

The site consists of 3 adjacent plots, with a total area of 4,200 m². Located along the Seine River, these plots are accessible on foot or by bike from the promenade. A public parking lot is 650 meters away, allowing visitors to walk to the site.
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Site proposed by 
City of Paris in partnership with Syndicat interdépartemental pour l'assainissement de l'agglomération parisienne (SIAAP)

Surface area
3,200 m² + 1,000 m² (optional) of open space

Site open to the public, please contact the association

Wicker, herbs and flowers
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82 avenue Kléber

92700 Colombes

Zip Code

  • 92


  • Parisculteurs S.5


  • Private


  • > 2000 m2