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Additional information about Parisculteurs public tenders
Are site visits mandatory to submit a project proposal?
No visits are mandatory but they are highly recommended to allow a better understanding of each site. To join the site visit, you must register. Registration forms are available on each site sheet by clicking on the button “S’inscrire à la visite.”

Do selected projects receive financing?
Financing is available for some partner sites. Whether funding is available is specified on the site sheet.

Do projects have to utilize all of the space available on a site?
No, project developers are free to choose which parts of the site they wish to utilize.

Were the Architectes des Bâtiments de France (ABF) consulted?
The City of Paris presented all sites available in the public tender to the Architectes des Bâtiments de France, who did not object to greening or urban agriculture projects. Nonetheless, selected project developers will have to carry out the administrative procedures required for the establishment of their project.

What construction is possible on a Parisculteurs site?
Any permanent structure can be built on the sites, subject to structural constraints, compatibility with zoning laws (Plan Local d’Urbanisme), and local procedures.

Is it possible to finance a project through sponsorship?
The greening of private and public buildings in Paris corresponds to a general interest activity in defense of the natural environment. In this context, donations made in cash or in kind to the City of Paris may confer eligibility to a sponsorship scheme as long as they comply with the eligibility requirements laid out by this scheme and are free of donor cash considerations. You can refer to articles 200 and 238bis of the French general tax code.

Is the review process for project proposals confidential?
To incentivize high quality and innovative proposals, the City of Paris is committed to ensuring applicants’ projects and ideas are protected.  Experts involved in the selection process sign a confidentiality agreement and are not authorized to participate in projects.
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