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Flore urbaine à Belleville

Opéra 4 seasons - Paris 12e

Saffron on the roofs - Paris 13e

The cave - Paris 18e

Lachambeaudie Farm - Paris 12e

Facteur Graine - Paris 18e

On the roof of the Opera....

Inside Season 2

Season 1, first winter

Chapelle International Winning Project

Season 2 Launching

Results (Season 1)

Workshops (Season 1)

“The City will be sustainable and resilient once our system of agriculture is modernized, re-thought and preserved.”

“It is with this vision that "Les Parisculteurs" wish to support an agricultural model oriented towards the local consumer incorporating locally produced farm to market products from the Paris region.  As a showcase for French gastronomy and high-quality products, Paris is well positioned to implement this innovative policy centered around an inter-connectedness between urban and rural populations, promoting new linkages with local producers focused on quality products.”

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